Typographic specimen — 2018

APK Rigomono is a mono font created by Peter Korsman, founder of the studio Autograph. Here applied as a museum signage. This specimen has integrally been printed in riso / duplicator. Operating in two complementary fonts, the duality of APK Rigimono allowed me to break it down into several volume modules. Modules set who allow to recreate a certain number of characters.

"APK Rigimono is a monospaced font and is created with an obvious set of 'rules' to make the less is more principle effective and absolute. Inspired by my own visual identity, which off course is inspired by the works of Wim Crouwel, Bauhaus and De Stijl. Because the characters are not strictly square-shaped, but also feature rounded forms, a little playing ground does emerge. This is why APK Rigimono is divided in two versions. By letting these two versions interact the possibilities of your typesetting become endless."
- Peter Korsman