Jules Labatut Graphic Design Information

Sous Influence / Under Influence Collaboration with Léa Panijel Master Diploma project (School) 2023
Critical Graphic design Master Thesis School 2023
Sehnsucht Collaboration with Thomas Conroix Self initiated 2023
Social RAM Ranking Research project w/Thomas Conroix Self initiated 2023
✦ ✦ ✦ Collaboration with Florent Bricout Client: Hear Strasbourg 2022
Les grands espaces Visual Identity Client: Hear Strasbourg 2022
Lettering Client.s: Multiple 2019-2023
Comédie de Caen Visual Identity Self initiated 2021
Ignorant Tattoo Research project Self initiated 2021
the destruction of cultural... Licence thesis School 2021
Clothing, uses and subjectification school 2021